Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lovin' Summer!!!

 How else does one tubby 3 turkeys???

 Making ice cubes bears.
 Decorating brownies.
 Playing with Lila!!

 Playing with Titan at the Swift's.
 I LOVE DRIVING POPPA'S BOAT! Especially when we get to go for french fries down town!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

 Smiling for the camera at Aunt Karli's surprise shower!!!
 Cannon-balling The Duchess!!!
 Wrestling with Keegan, Ethan and Dad!
 Watching Madagascar 3 in 3D with Laura, Nanny and Mom!! I kept the glasses on for the most part!

 Swimming in my swimming pool and playing on my trampoline all afternoon...
I didn't have time for a nap today and haven't been feeling all that well...asleep by 5:30!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012


 Helping Mom with her garden!
 May 2-4 swimming in chilly Fairy Lake!!!!
 Soccer has started!!!
 See the caterpillar on my shirt???
 Chillin' in Poppa's boat.
 Avery the Avenger!
 In jail with Leah...uh oh...
 Eating chicken wings right off the bone! Mommy doesn't have to cut the chicken off anymore!!! Look how clean my wings were Poppa!!!

On my trampoline with Nanny and grocery shopping with The Duchess and Poppa.


 Thanks Lila and Bridget for the shaving kit!!!
 Ice cream date with Owen, Leah, Keegan and Ethan!!
 Running in the sprinkler at Keegan and Ethans!
 Swimming lessons with Laura!! I've passed Sea Turtle and am now a Sea Otter and I go all by myself!!!

 Drop-in Thursdays with Leah and Emma at MA Wittick in Burks Falls!