Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!!!

Trip to Kawartha Dairy. Avery was initiated into the official, by invitation only, "Lick Lick Club."

When Avery was done with his dinner he thought he'd help Leah eat hers. Only Leah had other ideas "Aunt Karli can you help me move Avery over there??"
Our little superhero watching the start of the hockey game Sat. night.

Heading to the beach in Sundridge today!!! I can't take my eyes off my big cousin!!

Thanks for playing with us today Laura.

I sure do love the beach!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A nice hot week!!

Heading down to Avery Beach at John and Maddy`s.
It`s so fun swimming in the lake...

It`s also very tiring!!

I`m working really hard at using cutlery (well, mostly playing!!:)
Gotta love my Rambo headband!
Thanks Nanny for the Cars paddles!!!
I enjoyed terrorizing Benny!!!
Trying to wipe Benny`s nose!
Fine, I`ll settle for wiping my own!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Beautiful day on Fairy Lake:)

Helping Poppa drive his boat!!:)

Hanging with Mommy!
Standing at the front of Poppa`s boat with Grammie.

Soccer Star:)

Leah, Thanks for forgetting your soccer ball at my house. I love it:)
Playing with Uncle Jeff.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tantrum turned dancing...


Mom and I have been on holidays last week and this week. We've been soo busy. Here I am watching Strano and Kevin working on our landscaping.
Wearing Matt's Oakleys!! Matt if you are looking for them I found them!!

Fooling around with Leah! I climbed into the ottoman all by myself!!! Now Mommy really has to keep an eye on me!!

And of course, there is Titan's food.
Mommy really really has to keep an eye on me!!!

I sat this morning for almost a half an hour watching Strano and Kevin working on our yard!!!

It was such hard work I had to have a snack!

If I could just go help...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I had my socks on my hands...
So I thought I'd help Mommy clean the floors!!
Enjoying a freezie..
And a second one outside!!!

Maddy, I love my new jammies!! They fit perfect and are great at night when I kick my blankets off.
Wearing our new shirts from Grammie and Poppa when they returned from their trip.

Watching the big machines hard at work around our house this week.

Showing Leah how exciting it is at our house!!!

Playing with Leah. Mommy pushed our train around and around!!
Then we had to share some big snacks...all that playing made us hungry.