Monday, August 23, 2010

New Pics:)

Swimming at the Connolly's!!
Who's who in the family photos...?


Helping Mommy with the chores...

Before my hair cut...notice how sophisticated I am with my pinky finger up in the air!!!

Where's Avery???
"Treasures found at the bottom of my toy chest!!"

" to get out now...?"

Saturday night pizza with Ben.
After my hair cut!

Playing with Lila's toys waiting for her to wake up!!

``Hey Lila, whats happenin...

Flirtin it up!! Lila, you have some awesome hair that I may have to remind you about in another 16 years!!!:)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The holidaying continues...

"Daddy, where did the bean bag go??"
"I'll get it..."

I had a lot of fun playing with Molly. We really enjoyed playing in my baby pool on the deck. I'm really sorry about splashing you and your Mommy so much Molly!!!

Trading toys.

Mom dragged me to the Farmer`s Market today. Look how impressed I was!!!
Then we got to spend the day on Poppa`s boat on Lake Bernard with Nanny, Poppa, Leah, Aunt Trac and Uncle Darryl!! It was soo much fun!!
The treats were great!!!

Curious Avery checking out Poppa`s boat.

"Poppa, why is that water dripping from your boat motor??" Thanks for taking us out on your boat all day. We had lot`s of fun eating, swimming and laughing!!!

I really seemed to enjoy putting the driveway stones in Dad's bucket and dragging it around.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Couch Park

Yesterday we went to Couch Park in Orillia...Aunt Trac needs to send Mom some pics...please.

WOW! What a holiday:)

Mom's been on I am swimming with Keegan and Ethan, playing bball in the garage and then we headed to the cottage last week. We had great weather and I appeared to LOVE it up there!!!

Here I am chillin at the cottage. Leah enjoyed Mom's IPOD during my naps!

Berry pickin'! Leah and I love to pick berries...especially in the raspberry bush right beside the cottage.

What a great place to practice drinking out of a cup...and a water bottle. Nothin' better then eating outside by the lake.

Really? The entire cookie in my mouth!!

MMM...Cheesies and yogurt dockside.

Waiting patiently for Dad to come to the cottage from work.

Found the comic book stash.

Playin with Aunt Tracey.