Monday, February 21, 2011

We`ve Been Busy:)

Cool Dude.
Heading to Ottawa to visit Aunt Deb, Uncle Jeff, skate on the canal and swim in the hotel pool.

I could get used to this life.

Leah and I enjoyed playing with Benny`s crate.
Ready to go...anywhere.

Some new pics.

I'm recently obsessed with glasses, goggles of any kind.

First night in my big boy bed after Dad took off the side of my crib. Thanks Aunt Andrea for the bed rail so I no longer fall out of my crib and onto the pillows!

Playing with Uncle Jeff and Ben Ben.
Helping Mommy build a bookshelf for my bedroom - that`s right - MOMMY:)

Watching Poppa and Daddy snowblow the deck.

Sunglasses in hand. Armed and dangerous in my leisure suit!
Happy Birthday Grammie:) XO
Ready for tryouts.