Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas:)

Thanks everyone for spoiling me rotten. I have more pics to post but the blog is giving Mom trouble again so hopefully they will be posted soon. Happy Holidays:)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pics from the Photo Shoot at the Sundridge Golf Course!

Shirtliff Weekend in TO!

Going to watch the boys skate around Nathan Phillips Square.

The Swarvoski Christmas Tree at the Eaton's Cent.
Swimming before Mommy came in and dunked me.
I think I can handle this hotel thing!
Yummy Organic Cheesies on the ride home!

Christmas Concert!!

Trying out the new stools! Mommy can never be too far...

Because I can't sit still.
In early December they had our Christmas Concert at Muskoka Landing. Here I am with my toddler class singing our Christmas Carols.
It was way too cute. The staff did most of the singing while we toddlers just looked cute!

This is Heather and I (and one of my friends). Heather is my favorite!! I often run right over to her in the mornings!

Having my breakfast.

Finally some new pics:)

Playing with Dad in the garage! We found our Christmas decorations:)
Loving the computer!

And Yops!

And, of course, Simi.

Daddy needed my help to put our new stools together.

Aunt Andrea brought a gingerbread house over for us to make.

Ta da.
Hammin' it up.