Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 18 Months To Me...

Ethan and I on a Grater at the Touch a Truck at the Muskoka Rental yesterday! We had a blast.

Keegan in the driver's seat of a crane.
Here I am with Mr. Clouthier 0perating the crane!

Way too cool.

Keegan pushing Ethan and I around:) Carefully, of course.
Taking Ethan for a ride!! LOL.
I think we are going to get into some trouble together!!!

And hopefully we won't end up in the back of a cruiser!!!
Here we are in the trunk of a cruiser. Hilarious.
I passed out on the way home - didn't last 2 minutes!!

I love driving John's new truck!!

And, of course, honking the horn!!

Today I discovered caterpillers!!!
And then thought they might want to play lacrosse with me - with the caterpiller's being the balls of course!!!
"Mr. Mackenzie, you've got my vote!"

Flirtin' it up with Kate!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chips must now have dip!!!

Reading with Grammie, Poppa, Keegan and Ethan:)
Chillin with my new slipper Crocs...Thanks Nanny.

He Shoots...

He scores:)

Lovin' eatin' chips with Dad!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time for some new pics:)

Lila and Daddy.
Ready to go floating...just need some air!

Sending some emails...staying connected.

Playing at the lake with Mackenzie and Miya Wilson.

Gonna get'cha:)
Throwing Nanny's crab apples with Laura.

Playing with my lacrosse stick.

More kisses!!