Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Busy couple of weeks...I turned 2 and I'm Potty Trained:)

Happy Birthday to me! I had a great birthday this year. Even though Mom and Dad were in Jamaica...Keegan, Ethan, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Andrea took me to see Toy Story 3 on ice then I got to sleep at Nanny and Poppa's!!
Opening presents with Leah.
Quiet time...ya right!
The next morning I even got a cupcake from Nanny and Poppa for BREAKFAST!!! Yumm.
Last Saturday Laura invited us over for dinner and Mom and I hogged the microphone's singing Lady Gaga!!! We sounded just like her!!! Amazing!
Rockin' it with Mom (while I still think she's cool!!)
I'm not sure if you can really tell how muddy I am in this pic. I was out walking with Mom and Maddy "Mammy" and I fell in the only puddle on our entire road!!!
Trying on Uncle Jeff's sweatshirt.
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me! We started potty training exactly one week ago and I
am doing wicked!!!!! No more diapers!!! I think I am the coolest when I wear my Bud Light visor!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm almost 2!!!

Ethan and I at Disney World last year this time!!!
Happy Valentines Day Mom!!!
My new job is to feed Titan!! It may take me a while but I get the job done.

I sure am making up for when I was sick a few weeks ago....

Happy Birthday Daddy and Ethan.
I LOVE Grammie's Beef Barley Soup!!

Keegan, Ethan and I this morning after they had a sleepover last night. I love playing with my cousins:)