Monday, February 11, 2013

Ethan's Bowling Bday Party

Happy 5th bday Ethan :-) Avery, Leah and Emma had fun with Keegan, Ethan and Ethan's friends!!
Then of course last night the Leafs had to put on a clinic for Montreal:-) Once again, Avery didn't make puck drop!!
Last pic Avery tried on his bathing suit from Aunt Trac n wouldn't take it off. He ran around the house singin Nicki Manaj Starships n laying on the couch in the sun saying he was sun burning!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy January!!

Wow. What a month!! Avery tried so hard to stay awake for the leafs home opener!!
We enjoyed having Lila (n her parents) for a visit!!
Avery's obsessed with playing hockey n had his avengers goalie mask on playing with dad!
Mom n Rachael hosted a Mila booth at the Health n Wellness Expo in Ottawa Feb 2!!! It was a great time n a great success!!
Last pic...John n Maddy brought lucky Avery back some Batman sheets n Batman douvet cover with them from Texas!!! Texas Texas Yeehah!!