Monday, April 18, 2011

A Few Weeks....

Me and my bud.

Watching Hockey with Nanny and Poppa.
Thanks Lila for the birthday present:)
And the Kinder Surprise:)
Going to Lila's house...
I had such a great weekend playing with Lila, Lila's Mommy, Lila's Daddy and Lila's TieTie:)

"Hey Guys, Look over there...!!!"
While I move in for a smooch!!
Happy Birthday Mommy!! XO
Snacking in the car...not sure how many fish ended up in my shirt!!
Hilarious goggles!! Mommy bought me some goggles while she was away last weekend and I can't seem to take them off!!! Here I am with them while trying on my new dress shirt.